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Dear enthusiasts of Fine China
    The relationship between Culture, Art and Money has existed for hundreds of years. This particular relationship gave us the opportunity to enjoy works of literature, music, painting, sculpture or ceramic art. Thanks to the support of kings, popes or rich people, were created works by such recognized masters as Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci. Sponsorship is the oldest source of funding for arts and culture as well as preserving of the cultural heritage.

    In undertaking work on creating porcelain marks database, we set ourselves the ambitious goal of building the fullest, graphically developed and content oriented collection of porcelain marks that is available in the entire resources of the global Internet.

    We are fully aware of how much time, attention and hard work requires the implementation of this challenge. Its level of difficulty is best evidenced by the fact that many web authors from different parts of the world have tried to construct a website devoted to this subject, but they either limit themselves to narrow scope of a single country or abandon the work considering that the subject is far beyond their capabilities ...

    There are many difficulties to be overcomed. From the acquisition of source materials about the creation and operations of the manufactures and/or signs used by them to verifying their proper dating, and retouching aquired images and data. All that need to be done beside everyday maitenance and updating of the website.

    Despite this, we continue to develop our website with the idea that we are contributing to the preservation of the memory of the people (who often spent their lives creating works of porcelain art), manufactories, factories and paint shops.

    To implement these plans, we would like to build a partnership combining business and culture.

Your benefits of the cooperation

    Details of the cooperation will be discussed with each individual partner or sponsor, adjusting their promotion and advertising to their expectations. We have many interesting proposals to offer, including:

  • ad slot presented in the zone for sponsors,
  • link to the website of the sponsor, placed under the ad slot,
  • sponsor's page ( see example ), "hooked up" to the ad slot,
  • the ability to publish your own, promoted articles,
  • the common promotions and advertising campaigns,
  • promotional messages addressed to our members,
  • special actions, etc.

  • In addition we also offer:

  • the ability to place a advertising banner in the site header,
  • sponsor's logo in the background,
  • others, according to the proposal of the sponsor.

  • If you are interested in starting cooperation with us, please fill out a short application form which will help us better prepare for the further conversation. We will respond to every request.