About Us

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How it's works?

The overriding purpose of our activity is to create a global Community of the enthusiasts of ancient and modern porcelain and antiques in general.

It is a place where hobbyists, collectors, dealers, manufacturers etc., have the opportunity to establish contact of any kind, to share knowledge and experiences, exchange ideas and establish personal or professional relationships.

We create the best possible environment for the approximation of entrepreneurs and potential clients.

  • Members have many features that allow to develop relationships:
    • public profile contains information that can help find people with similar interests (professional activity, interests, languages biography, location ...),
    • the ability to establish a relationship type of Friends,
    • a system of private messages, allowing the correspondence between members of the community,
    • interest groups and publish their own content,
    • galleries allow to publish their own photo albums on any topic (eg. presentation of own collections, etc.),
    • thematic forums for free discussion on any subject,
    • publish their own articles in a variety of thematic categories.
  • The entrepreneurs have the opportunity to use different tools to conduct effective information and promotion actions:
    • promotions specifically targeted at members of the community,
    • advertising in different variants (size, location, period of publication),
    • sending promotional messages,
    • announcement of commercial events (with the registration of participants),
    • publication of commercial articles.