Imperial Porcelain Factory and its collaborations with great artists

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Imperial Porcelain Factory and its collaborations with great artists

Imperial Porcelain Factory, founded in 1744 in St. Petersburg under the decree of Peter the Great's daughter, Empress Elizabeth, is one of the most well-known manufacturers of high-quality porcelain products of artistic value.

The works of the Imperial Porcelain Factory belong to the treasury of world porcelain and are represented in the collections of the best museums in the world. More than one and a half century the plant has been named Imperial, and belonged to the reigning House of Romanov.

Great artists collaborated with Imperial Porcelain, including Malevich, Kandinsky, Kustodiev, Petrov-Vodkin, Lancer, Bakst and others. On the eve of 2017 another great name appeared in this list - the opera diva Anna Netrebko released her author tea collection “Aida” in collaboration with Imperial Porcelain.

The "Aida" porcelain collection is created completely basing on sketches by Anna Netrebko, embodying her own reading of the famous Giuseppe Verdi's Opera Aida. Anna will make a debut in this Opera in the summer of 2017 at Salzburg Festival in cooperation with the famous Italian conductor Riccardo Muti. Namely this music masterpiece by Verdi, written in 1871 by order of the Khedive (Viceroy) of Egypt Ismail Pasha for the Cairo Opera House’s opening, inspired Anna to create the exquisite designs for personal porcelain collection.

The collector’s tea-set by Anna Netrebko and The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory is the 6-persons set and includes a teapot, a sugar bowl, a milk jug and six cups with saucers. All the set’s items will be produced in accordance with the designs created by Anna Netrebko personally.