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Factories by location

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Examples of the Boisbertrand & Dorat porcelain products

In 1885 Boisbertrand and Theilloud have taken porcelain production in the factory known as the "Fabrique de Montjovis" on the outskirts of Limoges, at 26 avenue Montjovis, where they remained until 1891.

Examples of the Borgfeldt & Co. porcelain products

Geo. Borgfeldt & Co. was founded in 1881 by George Borgfeldt, Marcell Kahle and Joseph L. Kahle, as a china, earthenware, glass, dolls and other luxury goods importer and distributor for American and Canadian markets.

Examples of the R.P. Ipsen products

The factory was established in 1843 by potter Rasmus Peter Ipsen from Bornholm. When he was 13 years old, Peter Ipsen was sent into service at a brickyard, where he was carrying 4000 bricks each and every day, which marked him for the rest of his life.

Examples of the Bosack & Co. porcelain decoration

Decorated porcelain manufactory, founded in 1880. Known owner in 1927 was Carl Friedrich Boseck and Margot Boseck. According to information gathered from various sources, the company has existed until 1941.

Specialization: hand-painted luxury and usable porcelain.

Examples of the Boyer porcelain products

Jean Boyer took over in 1919 the small factory of the porcelain doll heads, founded by Léon Couty, located at 20, 22 rue du Vélodrome, and a year later (1920), also a decorating studio at 16 rue Encombe-Vineuse. The workshop were 1927 demolished and rebuilt.