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Factories by location

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Examples of the Belleek products

In 1849 John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited the Castlecaldwell estate, which encompassed the village of Belleek, from his father. Mindful of the plight of his tenants in the aftermath of the potato famine he sought to provide some form of worthwhile employment.

Examples of W. Bennet products

Earthenware manufacturer at the Cleveland Works, Victoria Road, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

No further information about the uprising and activities ...

Examples of the Porzellanmalerei F. Bensinger decorations

Porcelain paint shop founded in 1886 by the Fritz Bensinger. In 1907, the owner was Siegfried Klopfer. Prior to 1927 transformed to the GmbH company.

Around 1933: Gesellschaft für Hotelbedarf Gmbh, vorm. F. Bensinger.

Exampes of the Delinières and Bernardaud porcelain products

Pierre Guerry built in 1863 a new porcelain factory with residential buildings at 27, 43 avenue Albert-Thomas. His brother-in-law, Rémi Delinières joined him in 1869 and formed the company Pierre Guerry et Rémi Delinières. After the death of P.