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Factories by location

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Examles of the Barny & Rigoni porcelain products

Barny and Rigoni founded a porcelain factory ca. 1894 in the buildings of the former factory Le Pré des Bénédictins at 2/4 Rue des 3 Châtains, which operated here until 1902. Then they moved production to the suburbs, and joined the company Joseph Redon, son of Martial Redon.

Examples of the Basset & Co. porcelain products

George Winslow Bassett was born in Bridgewater, Mass., in 1820, and came to New York in 1868, and went into the earthen and glass ware business with Oberlin A. Gager, at No. 49 Barclay Street, under the firm name of G.W. Bassett & Co.

Examples of the Bauer & Lehmann products

Die Porzellanmanufaktur Bauer & Lehmann produzierte von 1935 bis 1965 „besseres Porzellangeschirr, Wappen und Ansichten“. Derzeit nicht feststellbar ist, ob nach dem II.

Wxamples of Bawo & Dotter porcelain decorations

Porcelain painting workshop founded in 1884 by Bavo & Dotter, who has been decorating studio in Limoges (France), founded in 1873. The entire production was exported to the United States. The plant was probably closed in 1913. In the period 1930-33 operated as a decorating studio.

Examples of the Bawo & Dotter porcelain products

Bawo & Dotter was established in New York City in the 1860s to import porcelain, especially from Limoges, into the USA. In the early 1870s they established The Elite Works in Limoges to decorate porcelain made by other factories.