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Factories by location

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Examples of William Baddeley products

Baddeley family has been strongly associated with the production of pottery in Hanley and Longton. Senior of the family, William Baddeley I produced in « Eastwood Pottery » (Hanley) brown ceramics. He was succeeded in the pottery by his son, William Baddeley II.

Workshop artistic ceramics, founded in Karlsruhe in 1919 by Dr. Reimar Baer. The workshop was taken over from the Grossherzoglich Majolika-Manufaktur, Karlsruhe. In 1921 was transferred to Bruchsal.

Production: statues, vases, writing utensils, utility products.

Bairstow Manor Pottery is a family run business based in the heartland of the world’s pottery industry - Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. The third generation of Bairstows now help to keep up the tradition started in 1938 by founder, Percy Bairstow.

Examples of the Balleroy et Cie porcelain products

In 1900, Henri Balleroy bought from E. Alluaud factory buildings at 23/25 rue Charpentier in Limoges. Three years later they joined him: Léon Mandavy and Paul Maurice de Mavaleix, which established a company operating until 1908.

Examples of Julien Balleroy porcelain products

Julien Balleroy owned since 1914 porcelain decorating workshop at 44 rue de Chateauroux in Limoges. Since 1932 the company called J. Balleroy et Cie, and from 1944 - Balleroy Julien et Cie.

No further information about the uprising and activities ...

Examples of the Baranger, Reboisson et Cie products

Baranger had since 1906 workshop decorator on the 6 Rue de la Fonderie. In the period from 1914-1920 his partner was Pradet. In 1921, probably moved operations to 18 rue de la Fonderie, where he remained until 1927.

Examples of the Bareuther & Co. products

In 1866, former porcelain screwdriver in the factory C.M. Hutschenreuther in Hohenberg, Johann Mathäus Riess founded his own pottery in Waldsassen. Unfortunately, he died a year later and his son, Johann Riess took over the factory.