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Factories by location

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Examples of Henri Ardant porcelain products

Henri Ardant and Pierre Poncet became partners in 1854, and produced works of art in an old porcelain factory Manufacture Royale de Limoges at rue Bobillot 2 in Limoges. Poncet retired from the company in 1858.

The company Porcelain Pierre Arquié is a porcelain factory founded in 1996 by Pierre Arquié. The company specializes in the production of porcelain objects for tableware, decoration and interior design.

Examples of Artěl products

The atelier of craftsmanship, founded in 1908, bringing together talented artists. Participation in many exhibitions. Termination of operations in 1935.

Ceramics in cubist/geometric shapes and decorations. Coffe- and tea services.

Joseph Oliveira, the artist ceramist, founded in 1988 his own company, which produced decorative products, miniatures, boxes and white porcelain.

Wxamples of the Bac, Périgault et Cie porcelain products

December 26, 1874, Theodore Bac and Auguste Perigault founded company Th. Bac, Périgault et Cie redeemed from "Maumy et Seguy" factory, located at the old road Aix 117 in Limoges.

Examples of Oswald Bachmann's products

Ceramics factory, founded in 1910 by Oswald Bachman. It existed until 1944. No further information about the creation and activities ...

Production: dishes, vases, decorative plates.