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Examples of Eugène Alluaud decoration

Eugène Alluaud (1866-1947) was a landscape painter and porcelain decorator, grandson of Francois Alluaud.

In 1896 he took over a porcelain factory that had been established by Jean-Baptiste Labesse in 1878 on 23/25 rue Charpentier, Limoges.

Examples of François Alluaud products

François Alluaud was director of the Royal Limoges Porcelain company from 1788 until operations were disrupted by the Revolution. During the revolution, the company was sold to three workers; one of them (Joly) leased his share to Alluaud. This gave Alluaud control of the kaolin deposits.

Examples of Aluminite products

After internships at the factory in Sevres, Rene Frugier leased in 1899 Tanneries factory in Limoges, which has bought in 1907. Frugier specialized in the production of porcelain ovenware. In 1910, the factory has expanded and renamed to L'aluminite S.A.

The plant was founded ca. 1854. Probably in the period 1894-1900, operated here the company Physick & Cooper, which was the predecessor of the Art Pottery Co. and Coopers Art Pottery Co. In the period 1941-1947 the plant was closed. Active work was carried until ca.