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Examples of the L. Wünsche Keramische Werkstätte products

In Weimar, later in Dresden, worked a porcelain painting workshop L. Wünsche, which brought the so-called « whiteware » from different factories and decorated them by spraying method. Mainly vases and containers of all kinds.

Otto Wustlich ( 23. März 1819 in Pfaffendorf - April 1886 in Schönberg bei Passau )

Ausbildung am Schmidt´schen Porzellanmalinstitut Bamberg. Wustlich malte für das Porzellanmalinstitut Schmidt zahlreiche Kopien nach Tizian, van Dyck und anderen.

Wytwórnia Porcelany Świt w Ćmielowie założona została w 1936 roku przez byłych pracowników najstarszej polskiej fabryki porcelany w Ćmielowie. W gronie dziewięciu założycieli firmy był inżynier Bronisław Kryński (1887 - 1945), wynalazca receptury różowej ćmielowskiej porcelany.

Examples of the Zeh, Scherzer & Co. products

The company Zeh, Scherzer & Co. was founded in 1880 and started production of a wide range of products, including coffee and tea sets, household items, tableware and decorative porcelain.

Examples of the Zehendner & Co. products

In the pottery workshop built in 1865 by Leonard Wallner, also porcelain was made. In 1919, the plant was bought by Martin and Hans Zehendner, Christian Seltmann and Johann Wallner. Thanks to the acquisition, the company has grown steadily.

Josef Anton Burger founded in 1794 a faience factory, which in a short time was a great success. Already in 1802 to Burger as a partner joined a rich businessman from Lahr, Jakob Ferdinand Lenz, who living in England gathered ideas to produce high quality stoneware and faience.