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Tressemann & Vogt

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Names / Owners

1880s - 1907: 
Tressemann & Vogt
1907 - 1919: 
Porcelaine Gustave Vogt

Historical note

The history of the Tressemann & Vogt began in the early 1880s, but the name Vogt was associated with porcelain from Limoges for many years before Tressemann joined the company.

In the 1850s John Vogt founded the company in Limoges, exporting porcelain to the headquarters in New York, existing since 1840s. In the 1860s he founded the decorating studio, and his eldest son, Charles, took over management of the company in New York, which in 1865 adopted the name: < Vogt & Dose > ( to the company joined John Vogt's nephew, Frederic Dose ).

In the early 1870s the company in Limoges took the second son of J. Vogt - Gustave Vogt, to which joined as a partner in the 1880s Emilien Tressemann, bringing considerable capital. Together they began in 1891 producing their own porcelain ( white wares, decorated tableware, accessories, art objects ).

This partnership lasted until 1907, when E. Tressemann retired. Later, the company was known as Porcelaine Gustave Vogt, and in 1919 was sold to < M. Raynaud >. During the first years after the acquisition of the factory, the products were marked by the existing signature "bell" plus the initials « R & Co. ».