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Manufaktura Chodov

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Names / Owners

1811 - 1830: 
Franz Miessl
1830 - 1834: 
F. Weis
1834 - 1842: 
Hüttner & Co.
1842 - 1842: 
E.A. Geitner
1842 - 1847: 
Moses Porges v. Portheim
1847 - 1872: 
Portheim & Sons
1872 - 1945: 
Haas & Cžjžek
1945 - 1958: 
Slavkovský Porcelán
1958 - 1992: 
Karlovarský Porcelán
1992 - 2009: 
Karlovarský Porcelán, a.s. závod 03 Chodov
2009 - ????: 
EPIAG LOFIDA - Porcelán CZ s.r.o. - Manufaktura Chodov

Historical note

In 1811, entrepreneur and owner of the manor in Chodov (Chodau), Franz Miessl, received permission to produce pottery from his own deposits. In the same year he founded a factory that initially produced only goods of faience. Business, however, did not develop according to expectations of the owner and in 1830 it leased F. Weis, but already in 1834 Miessl sold the factory.
The new owners were: Johann Dietl of Einsiedel and his accomplices - Johann Hüttner and Johann Schreyer. New owners took the name: Hüttner & Co. and in 1835 they obtained the national authorization for the production of porcelain.
In the years 1835-1840 the factory certainly produced lampshades. Unfortunately, they did not survive to the present day ...

In 1842, shortly factory owner was Dr. Geitner from Saxony, but in the same year sold the plant Moses Porges v. Portheim - textile manufacturer from Prague. After five years, when the plant was extended by two factory buildings, plant management took the Porges sons: Ignác and Gustav, who successfully led her away. Production grew, and its artistic tendencies began to focus on the rococo patterns with emphasis on the delicate sculptural reliefs.
Produced useful porcelain, painted cups, figurines, candlesticks, vases, mugs and writing instruments.

In 1872 brothers Porges sold all his property company Falkonia AG, which immediately sold the factory Haas & Czjizek of Slavkov (Schlaggenwald). He began a new, highly successful period in the history of the factory.
At that time porcelain produced usable for the needs of households, hotels and restaurants. Exports included the monarchy of Austria-Hungary, the Balkans, the Middle East, Egypt, northern countries, the Netherlands and colonies, England and the United States.

In 1928, the owners were: Baroness Olga Haas-Hasenfeld and Felix Czjzek, Adler von Smidaich.
Factory employed 25 officials and approx. 500-600 employees, and in 1937 already 750.

After WWII the plant was nationalized and incorporated into the Slavkovský Porcelán, then in 1958 into the company Karlovarský Porcelán, and after its privatization in the 1990s > Karlovarský Porcelán a.s. závod 03 Chodov.

In 2009 the company was bought by Epiag Lofida - Porcelán CZ s.r.o. and is now called: EPIAG LOFIDA - Porcelán CZ s.r.o. - Manufaktura Chodov.

Chodov - porcelain factory Haas & Cžjžek

Chodov - porcelain factory Haas & Cžjžek