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Giesche Fabryka Porcelany

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Names / Owners

1920 - 1920: 
Oberschlessische Porzellanfabrik Gebhardt & Barabasch
1920 - 1921: 
Czuday Werke GmbH
1921 - 1925: 
Elektroporcelana SA
1925 - 1929: 
Giesche Fabryka Porcelany dawniej Czuday SA
1929 - 1939: 
Giesche Fabryka Porcelany SA
1939 - 1945: 
Giesche Porzellanfabrik AG
1945 - 1948: 
Giesche Fabryka Porcelany SA pod zarządem państwowym
1948 - 1952: 
Państwowa Fabryka Porcelany Giesche Katowice
1952 - 1994: 
Bogucice Fabryka Porcelany
1994 - 2009: 
Porcelana Śląska Sp. z o.o.

Historical note

The first porcelain factory in Upper Silesia was established in 1920 in Szopienice-Roździeń. It was called Oberschlessische Porzellanfabrik Gebhardt & Barabasch. In the same year she was bought by Richard Czuday, who changed its name to Czuday Werke GmbH. The factory produced electrotechnical porcelain and from 1921 it was called Elektroporcelana SA.

51% of the factory's shares were bought in 1923 by the heirs of Georga von Gische, becoming co-owners of the factory, and Richard Czuday ​​became its director. At the beginning of 1925, production was moved to the rebuilt buildings after the former feed factory in Bogucice. The plant also adopted a new name: Fabryka Porcelany Giesche, dawniej Czuday, and from 1929 (then Czuday ​​launched its own factory in Ruda Śląska-Bykowina) - Giesche Fabryka Porcelany S.A.

During the global crisis, the factory was forced to limit or even stop production for several months. During the German occupation, the factory was called Giesche Porzellanfabrik AG, and after the war it was nationalized and until 1948 it operated under the name Giesche Fabryka Porcelany SA pod zarządem państwowym (under state administration), and then, in the years 1948-1952, Państwowa Fabryka Porcelany Giesche Katowice.

From 1952, it adopted the name Bogucice Fabryka Porcelany w Katowicach, under which it operated until 1994, when it was closed. In the same year it was bought by Porcelana Śląska Sp. z o.o. and after the replacement of the firing kilns and the refurbishment of the plant, it resumed production in February 1995.