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Gebrüder Benedikt

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Examples of Gebrüder Benedikt porcelain

Names / Owners

1882 - 1918: 
Gebrüder Benedikt
1918 - 1932: 
Vereinigte Porzellanfabriken Meierhöfen, vorm. Gebr. Benedikt
1932 - 1945: 
EPIAG - Erste Porzellan-Industrie AG / Karlsbad
1945 - 1952: 
Starorolský Porcelán
1952 - 1992: 
Karlovarský Porcelán
1992 - 2002: 
Hotelový Porcelán Karlovy Vary
2002 - ????: 
G. Benedikt Karlovy Vary

Historical note

Porcelain factory founded by brothers Benedikt in 1882. Until 1918 it was called Gebrüder Benedikt. At that time they bought the existing since 1890 plant Britannia Porcelain Works, Moser Brothers. They joined both plants and changed the name to Vereinigte Porzellanfabriken Meierhöfen, formed. Gebr. Benedikt.

The factory few times fell a victim of fires (hence was called "Brennedikt"). During this time produced useable and luxury porcelain, pattern onion. In 1913 it employed approx. 400 employees, and in 1930 it was 1000.

In 1932 it was incarnated to the EPIAG (Erste Porzellan-Industrie AG), and then to Starorolský Porcelán (1945-1952) and Karlovarský Porcelán (1952-1992).

In 1992 she was in the structures of the Swiss ceramic company "Laufen as Hotelový Porcelán Karlovy Vary and since 2002 bears the name of G. Benedikt Karlovy Vary.

- - -

Since 1975 production only for the needs of hotels, and since the turn of 1997-1998 the acquisition of production of the factory AG Langenthal and Lilien Porzellan GmbH.
In 2003 G. Benedikt assumes an Austrian company Lilien Austria GmbH and takes over the management of the Swiss Langenthal AG.