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Fayence-Fabrik Glinitz

Members: 815

Names / Owners

1767 - 1787: 
Anna Barbara von Gaschin
1788 - 1800: 
Joseph Krüger
1800 - 1814: 
Johann George Fyalla
1814 - 1826: 
Witwe Fyalla
1826 - 1873: 
Carl Mittelstädt / F. Mittelstädt / E.G. Mittelstädt
1873 - ca. 1876: 
Frau von Kosczielsky
ca. 1876 - 1882: 
Julius Rotar

Historical note

In 1753, Glinica received from the Prussian king the privilege of making faience products. It was to the factory in Glinica that in 1767 a part of the production of faience vessels from the factory in the village of Zborowskie was moved.

The then owner of the Glinica estate, Anna Barbara von Gaschin, significantly expanded this plant, importing modelers and designers from the depths of Prussia, as well as a part of specialized equipment, which significantly increased the scope and quality of the manufactured products marked with GG ( Gaschin-Glinitz ) or DG (Dominium- Glinitz).

In addition to the production of luxury goods of various shapes and colors (which were treated almost like works of art), dishes for the local population were also produced. The collection of dishes and figurines from Glinica can be seen in the Upper Silesian Museum in Bytom and in the museums in Gliwice and Nuremberg.