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Fabryka Porcelany Emilczyn

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Names / Owners

ca. 1820 - 1852: 
Fabryka Porcelany Emilczyn - Sergiusz Uwarow

Historical note

In Emilczyn (formerly Międzyrzecz), a porcelain factory was established by the mayor of the tsarist court, Sergius Uvarov. Emilczyn once belonged to Kasper Lubomirski. He got into the hands of Uvarov thanks to the third marriage of Marianna from Lubomirski and Teodor Uvarov.

The factory began to operate around the mid-1820s, and it was liquidated in 1852. By definition, it was not a profitable enterprise, but it was the subject of entertainment for a high dignitary of tsarist Russia, producing porcelain utensils for everyday use, mainly for his home and friends. The products had common forms and modest decorations without gilding.