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Fabryka Porcelany Dowbysz (Dovbysh)

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Names / Owners

1823 - 1917: 
Fabryka Porcelany Dowbysz

Historical note

Porcelain factory in Dowbysz (ukrainian: Довбиш) was founded in 1823 by Polish landowner Przybylski. The information available in various sources is residual and often contradictory, therefore it is very difficult to determine the proper chronology of the factory's history and its owners until 1917. It mainly produced table porcelain with modest decorations, and the basic assortment was tea services.

In 1840, the owner of the factory was an industrialist Iliński, who also had a place of local fuel and white clay extraction, which, with low earnings, brought significant profits. The annual production volume of products was up to 600,000. After 1880, when the company was sold to A. Peters, the owners changed frequently. The last of them was R.I. Richter.

In 1903, the factory was probably taken over by Feliks Klimowiecki and leased to Apolin Przybylski.

The factory was temporarily closed in 1917, and production was restored in 1923.

The history of the factory and porcelain marks from the Soviet period can be read here ...