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Fabryka Porcelany Barasze

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Names / Owners

1854 - 1878: 
Baraszewska Fabryka Porcelany - Aniela Raciborska
1878 - 1894: 
Baraszewska Fabryka Porcelany - A.L. Gerschfeld
1894 - 1900: 
Baraszewska Fabryka Fajansu i Porcelany - R. Z. Maksimowicz
1900 - ca. 1909: 
Baraszewska Fabryka Fajansu i Porcelany - A. Karant i S. Kusznirski
ca. 1909 - 1911: 
Baraszewska Fabryka Fajansu i Porcelany - Nebero
1911 - 1914: 
Baraszewska Fabryka Fajansu i Porcelany - Simonowicz

Historical note

In 1854, Aniela Raciborska founded a small faience factory in Barasze, which over a dozen years later, from 1870, also produced porcelain tableware, intended for the market of recipients with less wallet. A. Raciborska remained the owner of the factory until 1878 when it was taken over by Sewerin Schilke and immediately leased A.L. Gerschfeld (А.Л. Гершфелд), although it can not be ruled out that the latter was also the owner of the factory.

In 1894, the factory was taken over by Raisa Zakharovna Maksimovich (Раиса Захаровна Максимович) and led it under her own name until 1900, when she took her lease of A. Karant and S. Kushnirskiy (A. Карант and С. Кушнирский) and led until around 1909. At that time, the owner of the factory was Nebero, and two years later it became the possession of Simonowicz. The exact date of closing the factory is unknown. Some sources mention 1914, others 1917 or 1918.

In 1885, the company employed 34 workers. Tableware and tea services of low quality were produced. Decorations of products from Barasze were modest. Only on the banks rarely scattered flowers. Very few products from the Barasze factory have survived to our times.