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Fabryka fajansu i porcelany Biełotyń

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Names / Owners

1850 - 1862: 
Fabryka księcia Jabłonowskiego
1862 - 1880: 
Fabryka fajansu i porcelany F. Sussmann
1880 - 1889: 
Fabryka fajansu i porcelany M. Szapiro

Historical note

The faience and porcelain factory in Biełotyń was founded in 1850 thanks to the prince Jabłonowski. Although the area abounded in good quality kaolin clay, the label did not bring profits. The situation was not even improved by bringing German specialists to the factory. The factory on the brink of bankruptcy was bought in 1862 by an industrialist Fiszel Sussmann, who in turn sold it in 1880 Moses Szapiro.

Manufactory produced faience and porcelain table of a minor species, as well as figurines (the most known are: a girl with a dove and a man with a dog). The products of this manufactory were scantily decorated. It was closed in 1889.