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Довбышский фарфоровый завод (Dovbysh)

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Names / Owners

1917 - 1922 : 
Довбышский фарфоровый завод
1922 - 1932: 
Мархлевский фарфоровый завод
1932 - 1945: 
Фарфоровый завод им. Феликса Кона
1945 - 198?: 
Довбышский фарфоровый завод
198? - ????: 
ООО "Корал" Довбышский фарфоровый завод

Historical note

After the revolutionary events, in 1922 the plant was nationalized. Production was restored and the company name was changed to Мархлевский фарфоровый завод. Also, renovation and modernization works of equipment and equipment have been started, which remained after the previous owners. In the early thirties the company was renamed Фарфоровый завод им. Феликса Кона. For some time, the factory produced its products based on pre-revolutionary models as well as European models. The products from this period did not stand out with their originality and were significantly worse than the designs of the western masters. Until the mid-1930s, the plant was expanded and rebuilt, new workshops opened (painting, mechanical, renovation, etc.). In the interwar period, mass general-purpose goods were produced, decorated with template drawings on Soviet subjects.

After World War II, the company received the name Довбышский фарфоровый завод. During this period, along with the return of Soviet troops, many beautiful products from Germany, including porcelain, arrived in the country. This has resulted in the improvement of the quality of products also in local factories. Most small plastic products were mainly produced in small batches. The plant specialized in the production of tea services, cups with coasters and children's services. In the 1950s to 1970s, the plant was modernized and extended. Since 1972, the technique of evenly covering cobalt products has been mastered. In combination with a slight gilding, these dishes have become a factory showcase and accounted for 40% of all products.

In the 1980s, the peak of creativity of Ukrainian ceramist artists began to decline. The era of original painting and charming figures of Ukrainian porcelain art ended. The shape and appearance of the dishes almost did not change. From the early 1980s, porcelain factories in Dowbysz and Połonne united in ООО "Корал".

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