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Czuday Fabryka Porcelany

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Names / Owners

1929 - 1930: 
Czuday Fabryka Porcelany SA
1932 - 1933: 
Bykowina Fabryka Porcelany Sp. z o.o.
1933 - 1939: 
Polska Fabryka Porcelany Sp. z o.o. Huta Franciszka Górny Śląsk
1939 - 1944: 
Franzhütte Porzellanfabrik GmbH
1944 - 1946: 
Porzellanfabrik Franzhütte Richard Czuday ​​KG
1946 - 1952: 
Polska Fabryka Porcelany Sp. z o.o. Huta Franciszka
1952 - 1988: 
Bogucice Zakłady Porcelany, Zakład nr 2 - Bykowina

Historical note

In 1928, the then director of Fabryki Porcelany Giesche dawniej Czuday Katowice-Bogucice, Richard Czuday obtained permission to build his own porcelain factory. In the agreement concluded, the owners of both factories pledged to cooperate and engage in the construction of a new factory, which was to be organized according to the Porcelain Factory Giesche model, to produce the same products and at the same prices.

The factory took the name Porcelain Factory Czuday win Bykowinie SA and started producing porcelain at the beginning of 1929, but in the same year the global crisis came which also caused the collapse of the ceramics industry and in late 1930 Richard Czuday ​​was forced to closing of the factory in Bykowina.

In 1932, the factory was re-launched under the new name of Bykowina Fabryka Porcelany Sp. z o.o., however, the company after the loss of financial liquidity was taken over in 1933 by the main creditor Municipal Savings Bank of the Katowice District. The new owner has changed its name to Polska Fabryka Porcelany Sp. z o.o. Huta Franciszka Górny Śląsk, which with a break in 1939-1946 was in force until 1952.

During the German occupation, the factory was taken over by the German Trust Agency, and its manager was Richard Czuday. The factory received the name Porzellanfabrik Franzhütte GmbH. In 1944, Czuday ​​bought the factory, becoming its owner again and from then on was named Porzellanfabrik Franzhütte Richard Czuday ​​KG. After the war, the plant went into Polish hands, and in 1946 it was nationalized.

In 1950, the plant was taken over by the porcelain factory in Bogucice and became its branch. In 1988, the factory was closed.