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"Austria" Porzellanfabrik

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Examples of the "Austria" Porcelain Factory

Names / Owners

1887 - 1890: 
Porzellanfabrik Winter & Co.
1890 - 1895: 
Porzellanfabrik Winter, Lochschmidt & Co.
1895 - 1896: 
Porzellanfabrik "Austria", Inh. Karl Speck
1897 - 1901: 
Porzellanfabrik "Austria", K. Speck & Benj. F. Hunt & Söhne
1902 - 1934: 
Porzellanfabrik Adolf Persch, Werk Elbogen
1934 - 1940: 
Porzellanfabrik Julius Dietl
1940 - 1941: 
Porzellanfabrik Rudolf Kämpf
1941 - 1945: 
Porag, Porzellan-Radiatoren GmbH

Historical note

Initially, this small factory was located at Zechtalstraße 8 Elbogen and operated under the name: Winter & Co. The owners were two married couples: Klement and Julie Winter as well Johann and Margarethe Kempf. In 1889, the shares of marriage Kempf bought: Andreas Maschauer and Hermann Lochschmidt who have the resources to invest, which resulted in the name change to "Winter, Lochschmidt & Co." New partners joined the company January 23, 1890, and in June of the same year received a license to build a larger factory in a new location, on a plot at Zechtalstraße 32. In the same year, the company joined yet: Friedrich and Emilie Schmied.

As a result of continuous disputes, decreasing the number of orders and technical problems, the company pretty quickly fell into more and more trouble. Eventually, Hermann Lochschmidt sold his shares to Ernst Renz in 1891 and two years later retreated Andreas Maschauer. Unfortunately, the problems deepened, and soon Winter and Renz were forced to sell the company.

In 1895 the factory bought Karl Speck, who changed the name to "Porzellanfabrik Austria". Because his ideas on doing business require more funding, he became involved with a businessman Benjamin F. Hunt, looking for items to sell in his shop in Boston. After a short period, Hunt began to limit financial support for inefficient Speck's ideas and in 1901 left the company. At the same time he began planning to launch his own company, which realized assuming porcelain factory "Egerländer Porzellanfabrik Elbogen" in Grünlas (Loučky).

The factory was bought by Adolf Persch (brother in-law of Karl Speck), whose family already owned porcelain factory in Hegewald (Hajinste) and Mildeneichen (Lužec pod Smrkem). Thanks to the experience and excellent contacts of family Persch, in subsequent years the factory prospered on the market very well. The global financial crisis had a negative impact also on the business of the family Persch and eventually factories were put up at auction.

The factory was leased by Julius Dietl, who already had a factory in Kaltenhof (Oblanov). Initially, the business functioned quite well, but after the outbreak of World War II Dietl decided to sell the company. The new owner was Rudolf Kämpf, but in 1941 it leased, and in 1943 sold the company to Porag Porzellan-Radiatoren GmbH. Factory operated until 1945, and then was closed and demolished.

- - -

The property at Zechtalstraße 8 bought the company Kretschmann & Co., which ran there own production.