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AL-KA Kunst Alboth & Kaiser

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Names / Owners

1872 - 1928: 
Porzellanveredelung August Alboth
1928 - 1951: 
Porzellanfabrik AL-KA Kunst Alboth & Kaiser
1951 - 1956: 
Porzellanfabrik AL-KA Kunst Alboth & Kaiser KG in Kronach
1956 - 1970: 
Alka Porzellanfabriken Alboth & Kaiser KG, Staffelstein
1970 - 2001: 
Kaiser-Porzellanmanufaktur Staffelstein KG
2001 - ????: 
Kaiser-Porzellanmanufaktur Staffelstein GmbH & Co. KG

Historical note

In 1872, August Alboth founded a small company in Coburg, which dealt with the finishing and decoration of porcelain. Later, his son, Ernst joined the company. When his father retired, Ernst decided to move the company from Coburg to a newly built factory in Kronach. August Alboth regularly visited the factory until his death in 1908.

Ernst had two children: son Willy and daughter Erna. Erna married a Munich banker Georg Kaiser in 1922, who became a factory manager and assisted her father in corporate management. Willy joined his father on the board of directors in 1925.

After the death of Ernst Alboth (1927) changed the company name for the " Alka-Kunst ", which is a combination of the first two letters of surnames "Alboth" and "Kaiser". In addition to a series of giftwares, produced with great success primarily known and popular figures in the Rococo style, which was the domain of the Thuringian factories.

In 1938, Al-Ka Kunst took over the factory Porzellanfabrik Silbermann founded in the early nineteenth century - "Werk Hausen" in Hausen am Main. The company has been recognized as a major supplier of white wares for finishing workshops, decorating studios and porcelain painters.

Since 1951, the company is called ALKA Kunst Alboth & Kaiser KG in Kronach. At that time, the members of the board were Georg Kaiser, Willy Alboth und Hubertus Kaiser (Sohn von Georg Kaiser). In 1955, Alboth & Kaiser took over another factory located in Kronach - Porzellanfabrik Oechsler & Andechser.

In 1956, the company moved to a new plant in Staffelstein, the Hausen branch was liquidated, and the name changed: Alka Porzellanfabriken Alboth & Kaiser KG, Staffelstein.

The "Alka" brand was changed in 1970 to "Kaiser-Porzellan", because the name "Kaiser" was more pronounced, which played an invaluable role, especially abroad.

December 28, 2000 the company was taken over by two investors out of the ceramics industry Pacific Crown Group Ltd and Hans-Peter Langsch. Since January 1, 2001 the company is called Kaiser-Porzellanmanufaktur Staffelstein GmbH & Co. KG.